Drumming as a meditation practice

As someone with a very active brain, I find drumming to be a powerful meditation tool.

I am able to hyper-focus on the timing, the rhythm, and the subtle feeling of my hands and fingers as they hit the drum.

Drumming can happen anywhere too and without a drum! I drum in the car, I drum on a table. It’s a mental exercise. Tapping the foot, or moving from left to right. Your feet establish a tempo.

Adding your hands to the rhythmic dance, with a clap or a more intricate subdivision of time, in tempo with your feet.

Now, add something with your voice and mouth. It could be a tone, it can be a tsk tsk tsk. Or it can be a mantra or words! something that feels good to you at the moment.

This also helps with my ADHD brain. Drumming is quite stimulating and requires a lot of focus to do multiple things at the same time. Feet. Hands. Mouth.