Breathwork 101


June 1, 2023    
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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Music Monastery, Spiritual Home for Artists
900 Ramsey Street, Nashville, TN, 37206

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Curious about breathwork? What is it? How to use it in everyday life? This is a great intro to breathwork. Practice makes progress.

What we’ll go over:

  • Introductions and Questions, Intentions.
  • Breathing Inventory – tuning into your breath, becoming aware of its sensations without changing it.
  • Full Complete 3 part breath – playing with the breath in the body. Breathing into the belly, breathing into the ribs, breathing into the upper chest.
  • Tummy Time – breathing while laying on the stomach, and explorating the sensations of the breath and the feedback from the floor.
  • Energizing Breathwork – invigorating, clearing, energizing, connecting mind, body and breath.
  • Relaxing Breathwork – Stress reducing, calming, slowing the mind and body.

What to bring: Comfortable clothing for laying on the ground or sitting. Journal, pen, and water bottle. We have cushions, bolsters, rugs and chairs. Bring your own items if you feel more comfortable. 🙂

Things to Know: Shoes off in the studio. there are 12 stairs to descend to enter the studio.

Please arrive by 6:20 to settle in. We will start at 6:30p

See you soon!

Rhythm Bird, Resident Artist at Music Monastery Nashville.






Bookings are closed for this event.