Ice Bath Meditation 101 - Building Resilience to Stress


July 2, 2023    
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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900 Ramsey St, Nashville, TN, 37206

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It’s Summer time, and it’s a great time to explore how you respond to stress. What better than an ice bath meditation as your class room!

What we will do:

  • grounding in and introductions
  • discussion: what brings you to the ice bath today?, what are the physical, mental and emotional benefits of ice baths?
  • breath and movement exercises
  • sound meditation exercises
  • ice bath meditation rounds
  • sun bathing and movement exercises to warm the body
  • journaling, snacks, socializing

I began my journey with ice baths in 2017. I am a certified yoga teacher and began coupling sound meditation, affirmation, emotional release and ice bath therapy into one practice. It helped me so much mentally, physically and emotionally that I have been sharing this practice in recovery centers, mental health centers and with community at the Music Monastery.

With this one practice, there are so many stacked functions. One action, many benefits:

  • Improves immune function
  • reduces inflammation
  • reduces anxiety and depression
  • reduces body fat
  • increases resilience
  • increases confidence
  • increases personal clarity

What to bring: flip flops, crocs or the like, swimsuit (top optional for men and women). Easy shoes to slip on and off.

What’s included: towels, fruit, snacks, non caffeinated and caffeinated iced tea, filtered water, zero gravity lounge chairs, ice baths!





Bookings are closed for this event.