Sound Bath for Self Love and Acceptance with Rhythm Bird


February 18, 2024    
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Bookings closed


900 Ramsey St, Nashville, TN, 37206

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Blessings! Join us for an immersive sound bath and guided meditation for self love and acceptance.

This is an invitation to explore deep, slow and subtle listening, relaxation, and being in the present moment with your breath.

Please arrive by 5:50 to settle in, journal and explore your intention, affirmation, phrase or mantra you can use as a personal anchor that inspires feeling loved and accepted.

Once you settle into your luxurious journey nest, you will be guided within by tuning into your breath… and will subtly transition into your journey as you hear sounds from around the world fill the room. Sounds like: crystal bowls in 432 hz, harmonium in 432 hz, low tone drums, gong, chimes and vocal tones.

Included: zero gravity lounge chairs, blankets or oversized hooded robes, eye masks, herbal teas.

Please bring: journal, pen and cozy socks.

what to expect: 

  • Arrive and settle in by 5:50 pm  
  • Sound Journey begins at 6:15 p 
  • Sound Journey ends at 7:15 p 
  • Slow rise, journal, tea, with 2 zones available: one for socialization and chatting outside in the patio. One for quiet contemplation, journaling and introspection in the sound bath room.  7:15 p – 8:00 p


Bookings are closed for this event.